Peace Begins With Me

The events of the past few days were upsetting to me. I spent a good deal of time in meditation, silently asking my Teacher: how can I feel better about this? How can I help create a loving world/country/community/home? The Teacher in me responds when all goes quiet, the chatter stops, and I turn inward.

TEACHER:  The problems, and the answers to them, begin and end with You. And you must start with loving yourself. Everything emanates from you. All experiences radiate from you, they are not external to you. If you don’t like what You see, look at yourself, look at yourself, look at yourself. That is what Morrnah said. And I, and We, and You and Me say it as well.

As you work on loving the Self, you are running into guilt. You say you want to take responsibility for your experiences. But then you feel guilty when you confront these negative states and choose to blame yourself. You get angry and frustrated. Now you have added more problems to the first one, and it repeats, cutting a deeper and deeper groove in the Subconscious. Poor Subconscious is burdened with layers of memories that build up until something dramatic happens, and we are finally forced to look at them.

You know, you don’t have to wait until you reach a crisis—an accident, a disease, a jail cell—before you decide to do something about it. You do know that all of these experiences are here to benefit you, right? Maybe the first choice you want to make is to stay still. Close your eyes, stay still, watch the words and pictures swirl about you.

When the activity calms down, mentally say thank you. You are thanking your Subconscious for showing you all of these negative states. You can thank it for showing you all aspects of the Self. Thank you to all aspects of Self…the ones you know well, and the ones that hide in shadows. Thank you, and encourage all of them to come out and join with the others, to become Whole.

Guilt belongs to the past. Love belongs in the Now. Love says: “Now, I choose to turn away from anger, blame, resentment—and all negative thoughts and emotions. Thank you for showing me what is going on in me. Not out there, but in me! Now I understand. How can I perceive Peace out there, when it is not alive in myself?”

This firm resolve, when sincerely taken, will dissolve the guilt residing within. As the guilt goes away, you will start loving yourself more and more. Your will experience less stress and more ease. You will look at the positive side of your life. This will make you love yourself more and more.

Peace Begins With Me.

Regina Milano