“Crazytown,” Indeed!

Practitioners of the beautiful Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® learn to take 100% responsibility for all of our experiences, simply because we are experiencing them. They are not the shenanigans of some other folks out there behaving badly. Our experiences are fully, 100% ours. In all situations, we can choose to respond with love to our experiences, and to firmly decline the emotions of fear, anger and blame.

Through our spiritual practices we come to know that we are the totality of our thoughts, emotions and experiences: all hate is self-hate, all blame is self-blame. Each experience that appears to be out there, is only a projection of our inner state. (Yes, I am responsible for my very own experiences of “Crazytown.” I am ready to forgive and let go, and I am ready to be forgiven and be freed.!)

Crazytown! It’s a legacy of the past. One way or another it is already gone. (Everything always is.) And a firm resolution, a commitment to holding a loving perspective, that in itself is a repentance. Accepting our responsibility for perceived wrongdoings in the guilty past, frees up our future. It allows the innocence of who we are to illuminate us.

Regina Milano