My Peace, my practice, my responsibility

In my meditation this morning, I was aware of the tsunami off the coast of Alaska that appeared to be threatening the West coast. I focused on my Peace, the Peace of I AM within me. I became aware that these events, these threatened populations are in me, and I breathed and meditated for all of it. I am aware that right here and now, the tsunami is in me.

My mind-our mind–is connected to the entire universe. If we want to experience Peace in our external experiences we must cultivate it within first. With practice, the Peace and self-realization and understanding wells up from within us, and the reason is this: it is inherent within all. “I AM” Peace.

Meditation and spiritual practices have caused shifts in my perceptions and have altered events in my life. I apply my practices to each moment, each event, each problem, and suddenly events become spiritual in nature. I now perceive the tsunami threat has been reversed. I did nothing but tend to the Peace within and watch the content of my experiences.

Through meditation we achieve balance and harmony among the three aspects of Self: body, mind, and spirit. We want to feel Peace within ourselves, so much so that any and all problems can come and yet we remain still and observant. It is from that Peaceful state that we can choose, decide, speak and act correctly. By taking our minds to deeper layers of Self we automatically draw Peace from the stillness within.

The Peace within is possible in any and all situations. All we are saying is give the Peace within a chance.

Regina Milano