Sharing "Good News"

Morrnah Simeona’s gift of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® (SITH®) cannot be measured, because it is beyond that which is measure-able. Without getting too wordy or esoteric, SITH® has allowed my daily practice of meditation to become a moment by moment experience of life and Love itself. As I practice, as I breathe, as I live, I experience the rising and falling away of stressful thoughts and beliefs inside me.

I’ve taken many classes as a student, staff member and instructor, and one of the more persistent questions that has continued to pop up within me is: “If there is no out there, out there; if all experiences are reflections of my internal states, then Who am I talking to, and Why?”

Excellent question, and it’s gratifying to see my understanding take shape--a lumpy shape--but here it is: “Because what else am I gonna do?” I’m here (maybe), I’ve got a body (uh huh), I experience thoughts, judgments, opinions, emotions (have you ever driven the Deegan on a Friday in July)?

What else am I gonna do, indeed. I remember during one of my first SITH® classes, I experienced the powerful awareness that there was no going back, that applying the SITH® process was going to be a life-long occupation, and growing awareness would a life-long responsibility. So I do it, because it is what I am supposed to be doing. And the experiences of “out there and other people” show up in my life so I can apply the SITH® process and free myself. Only myself.

Morrnah has shown us that we are proving the authenticity of SITH® to Self, for Self. I remember this realization hitting me like a wrecking ball. I was familiar with several other belief systems, and this seemed to run counter to anything I had previously read. Like a DIY Humpty Dumpty, I scrambled around and scanned Consciousness looking for another theory that would explain this theory. My spiritual practices showed it to me (see blog post YES).

As I said up top, this is an invaluable gift, and I treat is as such, When I practice it, study it and teach it, I am the only one in the room, although there may appear to be dozens. And I share the good news responsibly to Self, for Self.

Morrnah’s reminder: “Look at yourself, look at yourself.”

Regina Milano