Take It Easy

I forgot to post some of my pictures from last Saturday’s Women’s March in New York City. It was a truly glorious day. Women, men, kids–families of all kinds–enjoyed the warm sun and even warmer camaraderie. We were people who had different agendas and perspectives, but who came together under an all-encompassing theme: We Can (and Must) Do Better Than This.

My meditations in the days prior to the march were that we were to be lighthearted about our causes, and willing to welcome  an unknown future. What I do know is: 1. I don’t know anything, and 2. Nothing is what it appears to be. When I remind myself of this weekly, daily, hourly, I walk in Peace, I talk in Peace, I am silent in Peace and I observe in Peace. When we hate, fight and rail against our enemy, we become our enemy. I promise I will not do this.

When anger appears, or rage, or fear–I recognize that all of these thought forms and emotions are in me. I can allow these expressions to emerge as another unwanted event or situation, to which I will again react, and which will again appear as negative thought forms and emotions, from which emerges an unwanted event or situation, to which I will react–this sad story has looped through time immemorial. But I can choose again. Meditation and spiritual practices interrupt the loop, allowing us to step back and observe our fear and anger with compassion. We give each other and ourselves a break. We use our delicious humor. We take it easy.

Take the featured picture. I passed it as the crowds were dispersing, read it and took in its context. My initial reaction was to look at it as a sad metaphor for the state of our politics and culture flung onto the trash heap (blah, blah, blah)…and I laughed at my inner drama queen.

With training, and with practice, we can always choose again. We can create new neural and spiritual pathways that lead us to peace and understanding instead of anger and fear. We are not hard-wired, and all it requires is a conscious effort to choose Love.


Regina Milano