I Am 100% Responsible

In 2010, several years after I had begun meditating, I came upon a book in the metaphysical section of Barnes & Noble called Zero Limits, authored by Joe Vitale and Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len--names which were unfamiliar to me.

I love Hawaii, and I liked the title, so I read it immediately...and repeatedly. Its value--as it appeared to me--came from Dr. Hew Len and a theory of knowledge alien to me, yet deeply resonant at the same time. Its distractions--again, as they appeared to me--came from Joe Vitale, and what I perceived as his dogged marketing pitches. In frustration, I went through the book and underlined Dr. Hew Len’s quotes. In subsequent readings, I read only his sections, and ignored Joe's hype.

I asked myself over and over: Why is information so valuable to me being packaged in a way that has me wanting to throw the book at the wall? What was Dr. Hew Len thinking?

Eventually, I landed at www.self-i-dentity-through-hooponopono.com, home to IZI LLC, the sponsors of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono ® (SITH®) classes, which were brought to a worldwide audience by Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. And I discovered through reading, meditating, introspecting and observing myself—that I am the source of ALL my problems, and I am responsible for petitioning for their release. These are the first lessons Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® taught me, and they remain the ones that confound me the most six years later. 1) The concept that I am 100% responsible for all of my experiences—even those that appear to happen with, to or among others. 2) The next is that these experiences (you know, the ones that I admit I’m 100% responsible for) are only in ME. More specifically, they are memories that replay in my subconscious and trigger old reactions and behaviors. 3) And finally, I am learning how to acknowledge and take good care of my ignored and abused subconscious. When I experience stress of any kind, this is the part of me that I sentence to suffering. The practice of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® works gently and patiently with the subconscious to undue this damage.

Each of the lessons that SITH® has been accompanied by countless, silent "Whys". And, incredibly, every "Why" is answered--often silently, sometimes quietly, and, now and again, even turbulently. I now have a clearer answer to the question I first asked six years ago: Why might a precious gift come wrapped in (apparent) gaucherie? Well, maybe it's because it was the only way I would pay attention and clean my stuff up. Maybe I'll quit with the snobbery. Maybe I'll finally get that I don't know anything...nothing at all. Except for one. Whatever the problem appears to be, "it" (fill in blank here--relatives, coworkers, politics, health, finances, etc.), is ONLY and ALWAYS in me. QED. 

P.S. Thanks, Joe, for getting me to pay attention...finally.



Regina Milano