American Meditation Society (AMS)

The American Meditation Society (AMS) meditation course consists of eight classes. The first four classes teach the preparatory practice, providing a basic understanding of what meditation is, and why we do it. The next four classes consist of teaching advanced practices. Once the advanced class is completed, the student may then apply for their individualized full practices.

The uniqueness of the AMS practices lies in the fact that we offer individualized practices and instruction. Regular attendance to all classes is important because this commitment is the first step toward asking, and answering, the question: Who Am I?

The founder of the American Meditation Society, Gururaj Ananda Yogi, said, “The preparatory technique is designed to prepare the chelas [students] into the certain state of relaxation and understanding which will be conducive to receiving the full power and the force of spirituality imparted to them through the full technique. It will bring them in tune, in alignment and in communication with the spirituality and peace inherent in themselves. It is a communication of a deep, subtle level (which brings the guru and chela together) and is none else but a communication with their Divine Self.”

In summary, the emphasis of the prep technique is to:

• Teach the art of relaxation
• Form the connecting link between ourselves and that which is Divine within ourselves
• Introduce the idea that we are not out thoughts. We are the seer.

Finally, AMS meditation classes are not religious in nature. They are equally appropriate for those who have an established religious practice, as they are for the atheist, agnostic, and confused! And while we are affiliated with the Guru who founded AMS, no one and no thing outside of ourselves is revered. Our sole purpose is to teach our students practices that reveal the LOVE and PEACE within themselves.


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Regina Milano has been meditating and studying the non-dual teachings of Gururaj Ananda Yogi since 2007, and she has been practicing Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono® (SITH®) since taking her first class in 2011. Regina teaches meditation and spiritual practices through classes sponsored by the American Meditation Society (AMS):, and she teaches SITH® classes in the U.S. and Europe through IZI LLC Regina is also a mom and a Board member of the American Meditation Society. Meditation and spiritual practices are a way of life for Regina, and have guided her through many challenging life experiences with equanimity. In her classes, Regina shares both her growing understanding that meditation can be a moment by moment experience, and the skills to embrace that experience more fully.